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    Peter Roach

    Hello –

    WE are using the WonderPluggin tab control. What follows is a discussion I had with that plugin’s support team about a problem we uncovered with Forward Theme. It’s my hope we can get the menus reliably functioning using this plugin in conjunction with the Forward Theme. Let me know how to proceed?


    ———————— email string below ——————————–

    To fix the problem, in the plugin, step 3, Options tab, Responsive Options, Trigger resize event, un-check the two options:

    Trigger window resize event when switching tabs
    Trigger window resize event milliseconds after tabs have inited

    But this is just a bug in your WordPress theme. It’s easy to replicate it (I only tested in Google Chrome):

    1. Goto
    2. Drag your web browser, resize the window several times, then the menu will mess up.

    It does not happen every time, but try several times, you will replicate the issue. You can even replicate the issue on their theme demo:

    Kind regards


    On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 6:11 AM, Peter Roach <> wrote:
    Hi Support –

    We are using your Tab plugin and would like to continue using the product. However, when we put that plugin on a page the menus of the site start to hang up.

    Take look at this page to see what I’m talking about:

    I put that page together to demo a solution for need that has arisen in our organization. Prior I had discussed this problem with the WP Template developer and he is steering us away from using your product. This discussion took place last year:

    What’s your thoughts about how to best troubleshoot this problem and resolve the behavior?


    Wonder Plugin Support Team

    Follow us to get update news:



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    Bill Robbins

    Hey Peter,

    Sorry for the trouble. I can appreciate having a plugin that you enjoy using. You’re welcome to attempt a modification to the menu system. The file is a javascript file and the WordPress theme/plugin editor won’t edit javascript for some reason or another. So you’ll need to use a plugin like WP Editor or a FTP program to make the change. The file you’ll want to alter is in the theme folder at js/flexnav.js . Replace all the code there with this:

    (See support site for code).

    Save your changes. Then clear out your browsers cache and refresh the page in question.

    I don’t know if that will make a difference or not. The developer of the menu system has abandoned the project and a user on Github suggested those changes to help with some odd menu behavior after resizing the browser window. Hopefully it’ll perform better, but I haven’t tested it myself.

    Since the developer of the menu has left the project, I’ll likely swap out the menu at some point in time. It’s not something that I want to jump into without making sure it’s absolutely necessary since the theme is already in wide use. Anyone who has made modifications to the menu will lose them if I swap out this menu for a new one. I’ll make a decision one way or another in early July.

    You could also use an aftermarket menu plugin like UberMenu and skip the built in one altogether.

    Let me know if you tun anything up with the modified code.

    Take care,

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