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    Dale Eby

    I am currently setting up a sample website for a mexican social enterprise. I have loaded the site to my domain name, http://www.daleeby.com.

    I have am working with the WPML translation plugin. I am making good progress in translating the sample site.

    There are 3 areas I am trying to find the text to translate with out any luck.

    One is the text for the Foundation Donation widget.

    WPML allows the translation of the Title of the Widget, just not the text within the widget.

    The second is the text in the newletter bar. Actually the whole newsletter bar.

    The third is the text with the social media icons. I used the default “connect with us”.

    Do you have any suggestions on how this can be translated and work with the language switch feature in WPML.

    I have WPML String Translations and ran the program and they do not show there either.

    I have looked on the WPML knowledge base and they talk about a few reason why the text may not show up. I am by no means a programmer or understand all of which is being explained. I include the hyperlinks only as possible explanation and/or as a resource


    We really like the foundation theme.

    Thank you

    Bill Robbins


    Great question. My experience with WPML is somewhat limited, but I remember another customer last year who had trouble translating the call to action bar in the Live theme. My guess is WPML isn’t set up to translate every item that is saved to the WordPress database as an option, but only items like titles, post content and similar items.

    Last time around, we ended up making some additional page templates, but I have a better idea this time around we can try first. Here’s what to do:

    1. Go to the appearance section and select edit to open up the theme editor.
    2. From the list of files on your right, choose header.php and look for this spot:
      <?php if(of_get_option('intro', $single = true) != ""){ ?>
      <em><?php echo of_get_option('intro'); ?>	
      <?php } ?>
    3. Replace that with this:
    4. That will fix the intro text in your header to “Connect With Us” (feel free to change that part) as well as provide a text domian for translation.
    5. Save your changes

    See if you can now translate the intro text. If you can, then you can use these steps for the donation and newsletter bars:

    1. Edit donation-bar.php and look for this spot:
      <h4><?php echo of_get_option('donate_title'); ?>
    2. Replace that with this:
    3. Change the Connect with Us to the text you’d like to have as your donation bar title
    4. Repeat that same process for these spots:
      <?php echo of_get_option('donate_button'); ?>


      <?php echo of_get_option('description'); ?>
    5. Save your changes
    6. Edit the newsletter-bar.php file and change these spots:
      <?php echo of_get_option('newsletter_title'); ?>
      <?php echo of_get_option('newsletter_description'); ?>
      <?php echo of_get_option('newsletter_button'); ?>
    7. Save your changes

    If you run into any trouble let me know. If that doesn’t work, then we’ll try another option.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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