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URL to the page in question: http://test.sanmarco-sf.com/events/
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    Tammy Scott-Wigens

    Hi Bill,

    Me again! Hopefully, you’re not getting sick of me. ; )

    I’d like to add a pop-up for visitors to sign up for our newsletter. I’ll probably want it in a couple of locations, and also for signing up for our blog once it’s established. Ideally, one of the newsletter pop-ups could be set up so that when a person clicks to leave my ‘Events Page’ they are prompted to sign-up.

    I did install a plugin called ‘Popups’, but wondering if you might suggest some other plugins for this type of feature. Hoping the plugin will integrate with my Mailchimp (will automatically add name to my newsletter list).

    I had one that was working briefly, but later installed a different enrollment form and it seems to have disappeared because of this.



    Bill Robbins

    Hi Tammy,

    You might look at OptinMonster (http://optinmonster.com/).

    Take care,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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