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    Aaron DeVandry

    1) I am having some issues with post behavior on my testing site. When I post pictures that are longer than the text of a blog post, the earlier posts overlap onto the newer post. An example of this behavior: . Is there a quick fix for this?

    2) Is there a way I can set p Page Navigation, like WP-PageNavi for options for Last Page, Next, etc. Was this achieved through an outside plugin, or is something within my theme broken?

    3) How do I make a blog page — like the one linked to in Question #1 — full-width?

    Bill Robbins


    Thank you for your business first of all. Let’s see if I can answer your questions.

    Long Pictures

    You can add this to the Custom CSS box in the theme options page (styling tab) or add it to the style.css file directly:

    .post {
    	overflow: hidden;

    That should keep the images from overlapping.


    The theme has some pagination built-in, but it also includes a hook to use the WP Pagenavi if you’d like to have more control of the navigation. Just install and activate the plugin and it will replace the included pagination.

    Full Width Blog Page

    There are two options here just depending on if you’d like to make this change to every category archive, or just certain ones.

    Selected Archives

    1. Go to the theme options page and select the styling tab. Scroll down to the custom css box and paste this:
      .category-featured #content {
      	width: 100%;
      .category-featured #sidebar {
      	display: none;
    2. Update your settings.

    That will make the blog content full width in the featured category only. You can also change the .category-featured to other categories if you need to/want to.

    Change all category archives
    To change every category archive, follow these instructions:

    1. Go to the theme editor again and open up the archive.php page.
    2. Near the top, find this line:
      <div id="content" class="page-left clearfix">
    3. Replace that with this:
    4. Scroll down just a bit until you see this:
      	<div id="sidebar" class="page-right">
      		<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

      and delete it.

    5. Save your changes.

    That will remove the sidebar and make the content full width for all archive pages. You can also make that same edit to the page-blog.php file to change the page template that lists your posts from all categories.

    Thanks again for your business. If you have any questions, let me know.


    Aaron DeVandry

    I’m having an issue with the built-in WP-Pagenavi plugin.

    Basically, if I have 20 pages, it only lists page 1 on the first page.

    Like this:

    1 >> Page 1 of 20

    On the 2nd page it lists page 1 and 2.

    1 2 >> Page 2 of 20

    On the 3rd page, it lists page 1, 2, and 3.

    1 2 3 >> Page 3 of 20

    Why doesn’t it list all of the larger page numbers?

    George Brown

    Hello Bill – I’m trying to follow your instructions and make my blog page content full width but when I open the archive.php page (progress theme) in the editor I can not find the line you reference above.

    Help please:)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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