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    Fred Rogers

    Bill, it must have been nice to go five whole days without hearing from me. 😉

    I read several of the forum posts about installing Google Analytics and notice that you recommend Google Analyticator but the plugin synopsis says that one has not been tested on my version of WordPress. What do you think of Google Analytics Dashboard for WP? Also, does using one of those plugins automatically create the code or do I need to get it from Google? Thank you, sir!

    Bill Robbins

    Most of the time the notice that it hasn’t been tested with your version doesn’t really matter. Generally that just means the plugin hasn’t been updated since the latest version of WordPress was released.

    To be fair, I mostly run e-commerce sites for myself so I use the one that’s made specifically for WooCommerce. Outside of that I haven’t tested out various plugins in years.

    Once upon a time I did use one that put a small analytics graph next to every page/post in the dashboard. I didn’t like that because it slowed down all the pages in my admin.

    Fred Rogers

    Thanks! I’ll try the Analyticator. Have a nice evening.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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