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    Allen Stalker

    Hi there!

    I’m having an issue with the menu on the homepage of my foxy theme. For some reason 2 of the main menu items are indented. If you visit you will see that “Menus” and “Staff” are indented even though they are setup the right way in my menus settings. But if you click on the “Staff” page or the “menus” page they are in the right location.

    How can I track this down/fix it. It’s really bugging me 🙂

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    Bill Robbins

    Hi Allen,

    Thank you for your business first of all. Great question too. That’s actually the “normal” behavior of the menu in the theme. If you’ll look at the demo, you’ll see that the current item is offset slightly to the left.

    What’s happening right now on your site is the events item is also picking up the current menu item class since it’s not going anywhere. That’s why it is also pulled to the left like the home page one is.

    If you’d like to pull the current page items back into place you can. Go to the Theme Options page and choose the styling tab. Scroll down to the Custom CSS box at the bottom and add this:

    div#sidebar nav .current-menu-item a {
    	left: 0px;

    and save your changes. That should keep it in line with the others. If you have any questions, just let me know.

    Take care,


    Allen Stalker

    Awesome, that worked wonders! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, really love the theme and great support! Thanks again!


    Bill Robbins

    Happy to help out Allen and I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme too 🙂

    Have a great week,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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