Sample Data / Demo Content

If you would like to set up your site using the sample data from our demos, you can download them in your dashboard.

Here’s how to set up the sample data:

  1. Download, install and activate the theme that you will be using. This is separate from the sample data download above. You can find our themes in the main download section.
  2. Download the sample data for your theme above.
  3. Unzip the folder you downloaded. In the folder you’ll find one, two, or three files. One a XML file, one a TXT file and another a WIE file.
  4. If you’re using a WooCommerce theme, install and activate the WooCommerce plugin if you’d like to import the sample store products.
    If you’re using one of our church themes, install and activate The Events Calendar plugin in order to import the calendar from the demo.
  5. Go to the Tools section and select Import. From the list of types of data to import, select WordPress. Follow the prompts. A plugin will be installed. Finally when prompted to choose a file, select the XML file. It will be named after the theme, so for the Foundation theme, the file will be foundation.wml. You can choose to create a new user named after the one in the demo. You can also attribute all the posts to yourself if you’d like to.
  6. Some of our themes use a separate theme options page. If it does, you’ll find it in the Appearance section of your WordPress dashboard. There is a txt or json file there that you can use to import those options. If you don’t see theme options in your appearance section, then you skip this.Go to the Appearance section and select Options Import/Export. Here you can upload a file to set the theme options like the demo. Select the .TXT (or .JSON) file which will be named foundation-options.txt or whatever the name of your theme is with -options on the end.
  7. If you’d like to set up your widgets like the demo, go to the Plugins section and select Add New. Search for “Widget Importer & Exporter. Install and activate the plugin. After that, go to the Tools section and select Widget Import/Export. In the file upload there, WIE file. It should be something like foundation-widgets.wie.
  8. Next go to the Settings section and select Reading. Here you can choose what your front page displays. Choose to have it display a static page and then choose “Home” from the drop-down menu there. Next to it, choose “Blog” from the drop-down for the “posts” page. Then update your settings.
  9. Lastly go to the Appearance section and select Menus. This is where you set up your WordPress navigation menus. At the top you should see a tab labeled “locations.” Click on that tab and assign the imported navigation menus to their spots in the theme.

That should have your site looking like the demo. If the widgets are not appearing normally, you may need to go to the Appearance section and select Widgets. You may need to save the widgets there again to have them display as you’d like to.

If you have any questions or trouble, just let us know by contacting us.