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    Carol Jones

    The actual pages are created by a menu linking a category.

    Question 1: Is there a way to change the word “Archives” at the top of the category list pages? Would that be to edit a php file? Or is there something to just override?

    Question 2: I’ve created this section using “Pods” (something similar to custom post types) because we needed a simple list outside of the regular blog, and I didn’t want to get involved in the expensive and complicated plugins for business directories. I have done the whole thing without modifying or creating any php code, just by using the simple way the pods people allow templates to be created. I really don’t want to have to learn php. However, this question is about the css that is affecting these pages.

    The line spacing is weird. The read more link words are very close to the next item on the list and there is a huge space after the content above. Is there a way to change this in css? I have tried everything I know and suspect maybe I’m not picking the right thing to adjust, or something has to prepend what I have tried and I’m too much of a non-coder to figure it out. I have pasted other css code into the Theme Options Advanced tab with good results. With this one I have failed by myself. Here’s what I have tried:

    a.more-link {
    padding-bottom: 20px;
    padding-top: -8px;
    …then I tried using margin instead of padding, and then without the padding top, then without the a. in front of more-link

    Maybe I need to make a new paragraph class specific to the archive pages? I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Thank you for any advice,

    Carol Jones

    Bill Robbins

    Hello Carol,

    Good questions. Let’s find answers for you.

    #1 — The titles on pages are set inside the theme file that generates that page. In the case of the archive you posted the URL to, that’s created with the archive.php file. Here’s the section that sets the title there in that file:

    		<h1 class="page-title">
    				if ( is_category() ) :
    				elseif ( is_tag() ) :
    				elseif ( is_author() ) :
    					printf( __( 'Author: %s', 'grassroots' ), '<span class="vcard">' . get_the_author() . '</span>' );
    				elseif ( is_day() ) :
    					printf( __( 'Day: %s', 'grassroots' ), '<span>' . get_the_date() . '</span>' );
    				elseif ( is_month() ) :
    					printf( __( 'Month: %s', 'grassroots' ), '<span>' . get_the_date( _x( 'F Y', 'monthly archives date format', 'grassroots' ) ) . '</span>' );
    				elseif ( is_year() ) :
    					printf( __( 'Year: %s', 'grassroots' ), '<span>' . get_the_date( _x( 'Y', 'yearly archives date format', 'grassroots' ) ) . '</span>' );
    				else :
    					_e( 'Archives', 'grassroots' );

    The word “Archives” is near the end of that code block and you’re welcome to change it. Just edit it there, make sure to leave the single quotes in though. Save your changes and that should do it.

    #2 — It looks like the default spacing isn’t being picked up here since the default is applied to posts. The HTML is a bit different here and that’s giving the weird spacing you’re seeing.

    Try adding this to your Custom CSS:

    .archive #content article {
    	margin-bottom: 30px;

    and see if that won’t do the trick. If you do need to adjust spacing feel free to. Margins can be positive or negative, but padding can only be positive.

    If you have any questions or trouble, let me know.


    Carol Jones

    Thank you! I love you. Perfect. Just what I wanted to know.

    Bill Robbins

    Glad to hear those worked for you Carol. Let me know if you need anything else 🙂

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