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    Tim Appleton

    What are suggested image sizes for Church Builder.

    Bill Robbins

    Hi Tim,

    Consistency is the most important image size in Church Builder. Whatever sizes you choose for items, be consistent with them. That will give the best results. I’ve tried to build in flexibility in terms of image sizes so that you could use landscape or portrait images for the staff for example. You may have great photos of everyone that is one way and I didn’t want the theme to force you to retake them, or crop them awkwardly.

    Here are the sizes used in the demo:

    1. Announcement (Full) — 700px wide by 800px tall
    2. Announcement (Half) — 700px wide by 385px tall
    3. Staff — 400px wide by 600px tall
    4. Podcast — 960px wide by 540px tall

    For a full width background image, it should be sized around 2000 to 2400 pixels wide. The height simply depends on how tall the contents of that row are. The candle image at the top of the home page is 2400px wide by 1600px tall. It could be shorter since the content isn’t very tall there.

    Take care,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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