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    Arsham Parsi

    I recently downloaded the Progress and I worked on it to customize it. I used a lots of your comments and that was great.

    I used wordpress before Progress as well and I had Main Menu and sub=menu and ear of them might have third level menu as well. But I can not see them now. It just shows the first level menu. what should I do?

    and my next question is about the Farsi font. Does Progress or Foundation support the right to left fonts?

    Bill Robbins

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your business first of all. Great questions too. Let’s find answers for you.

    It is possible to add in support for a second level drop-down menu. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the Theme Options page and select the Styling tab.
    2. At the top of this tab choose yes to include custom styling.
    3. Scroll down to the Custom CSS box and paste this:
      .primary nav li li:hover ul,
      .primary nav li li.sfHover ul {
      	width: 160px;
      	left:  160px;
      	top: -20px;
    4. Update your settings.

    That should add in another level of drop-downs for you. The only thing to watch out for is if they are placed on some of the last items, the drop-down can extend off the screen which makes it difficult for your visitors to click on.

    For right to left support, I have seen a few sites that used Foundation with Right to Left support added by the user. I would be more than happy to build in support for that to the theme and include it as an update. For Farsi, do you have a specific font you're wanting to use? Just let me know about that and we'll go from there.


    Arsham Parsi

    Thank you for your reply. Sub-menu works now.

    for the right to left, some themes’s problem is that the question mark or dot or any other symbol which are being used for the last part of the sentence will be jumped to the left site while it should be remain on the right side. for example:

    سلام. خوبی؟

    which is the correct format and

    ؟سلام. خوبی

    which is the wrong format.

    I will check the Progress first to see if everything is fine or not since we use Progress for our English version, if not, I will Foundation as well.

    Arsham Parsi

    I checked the Farsi font and it works. Is there any option that we can chose the font type?

    Bill Robbins

    That’s great news then.

    When you say you need to change the font type, are you asking how to use your custom font with the theme? Just let me know.

    Arsham Parsi

    Yes, like Tahoma, Times New Roman and etc s well as how we can change the size of the font.

    If you look at the Farsi version of our site, the default is Times New Roman and it is small. I want to change to Tahoma 10 or 11.

    Also, in Farsi site, menus and sub-menus works but I need to add a few space as margin to the right side since the texts are being started at the edge of the right side.

    Thank you

    Bill Robbins

    Got it. If you’ll add this to your Custom CSS it should change the font and size for you:

    body {
    	font: 11px Tahoma, Lucida, Verdana, sans-serif;
    h6 {
    	font-family: Tahoma, Lucida, Verdana, sans-serif;

    The top style sets the main text in the theme. The bottom sets the font used in headings.

    If you run into trouble, let me know,

    Arsham Parsi

    You are great.

    and you just forgot to address the last point:

    Also, in Farsi site, menus and sub-menus works but I need to add a few space as margin to the right side since the texts are being started at the edge of the right side.

    Bill Robbins

    Sorry about that. Try including this in your Custom CSS too:

    .primary nav li ul {
    	padding-left: 10px;
    	padding-right: 10px;

    See if that won’t give your drop-down menus a little bit of breathing room.

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