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    Paul Spiller


    I have added css changes using the customiser area but I cannot see how these would affect the problem.

    I have added the social icon (Facebook) to the footer – the icon is there but it does not act as a link and nothing happens on hover nor selection.

    Yet when I look at the site code received when viewing the site, there is indeed a link there and if I click on the href link shown in the html listing it works.

    As an aside – can I change the actual icon image ?

    Got me beat and need advice please.

    Another question but I doubt there is a simple answer :
    On the home page, I am using an MP4 video in the slider area with an initial image set. All works fine but at the end of the video, is there a way the slider area can revert again to the initial image. I suspect that the video just runs to end and the final frame remains – the problem may be resolved by adding an image as a final frame at the end of the actual video but this is not flexible. Just checking in case there is an easy way to have the same initial and final slider image without major coding.

    This template with a few css changes works well for the site – nice !

    Paul Spiller

    Bill Robbins

    Good Morning Paul,

    I took a look at the site this morning. I clicked on the Facebook icon in the footer and it took me to so hopefully that is working for all now.

    The icons are made with an icon font. You could use a plugin like Menu Image ( to insert an image icon. You’d probably need a bit of CSS to take out the existing icon. Here’s what you’d do there:

    1. Go to the Appearance section in your WordPress dashboard and click on Customize.
    2. Look down for the advanced section and click on it. Then choose Custom CSS.
    3. In the box there, add this:
      #footer #menu-social-media li a::before {
      	display: none;
      #footer .screen-reader-text {
      	clip: auto;
      	height: auto;
      	overflow: visible;
      	position: relative !important;
      	width: auto;
    4. Save your changes.

    That would take out the default social icons from the footer and allow you to use an image added by the plugin.

    The video for the slider makes use of WordPress’ video shortcode ( The Codex doesn’t list an option to return to the poster image after the video finishes, so you’ll probably want to insert a final frame into the video file to do that. Sorry about that.

    Let me know if I can help out,

    Paul Spiller

    Thanks Bill,

    Interesting that the icon does not work in my browser (safari 6 mac). Will look at this again later if necessary.

    I added the css you supplied – the result of which showed the link text which now does work as a link. Actually this may suit the client so will leave for now.

    I downloaded the plugin and may use an image later.

    Thanks for info re video – it is what I thought so will add ending image in video.

    Thanks again for your excellent support.


    Bill Robbins

    Happy to help out Paul. Have a great week 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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