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    Jeffrey Whitford


    I’m wanting the homepage for my site to have the slideshow on the homepage, but it is displaying in a rather odd fashion.
    1) When the screen size is small, and the theme changes to the smaller, mobile version, it displays properly. However, when the screen size is larger, the slideshow appears within a black box directly beneath the top navigation bar. Is there some setting problem on my end, or is this a glitch?

    2) When I have my homepage set to the “Home” template in order to display the slideshow, any text I add to the body of the page fails to appear. Only the glitching slideshow and the sidebar.

    3) This is a bit tangential, but how can I change a) the text color for a highlighted link in the upper navigation bar (it displays red on my site), and b) the color of the “current” page in said navigation bar (it displays a sort of dark-blue on my site)?


    Bill Robbins

    Good Morning Todd,

    Let’s see if we can tackle your questions:

    1) Slideshow — it looks like the image there in your slideshow is inserted into the caption box. The actual slide image will be the featured image of that slide. That’s the large one that appears behind the caption. You’re welcome to add an image into the caption if you need to, but the main image will need to be set as the featured image. Try doing that for each of your slides and that should take care of the layout there for you.

    2) Home Page — the content on the home page is made up completely of widgets. That way you have flexibility in what content you place there and where it goes.

    You’re welcome to add in text. To do that either use a text widget that’s part of the WordPress core, or you might try the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin. This adds a “visual editor” widget that uses the same editor from the page/post screen inside a widget.

    3) You can force the colors in the menu bar this way:

    1. Go to your theme options page and choose the Style tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Custom CSS box and add this:
      #header-content ul#top-menu li a:hover {
      	color: #000000;
      	background-color: #ffffff;
      #header-content ul#top-menu li.current-menu-item a,
      #header-content ul#top-menu li.current-menu-item a:hover {
      	color: #000000;
      	background-color: #cccccc;

      The top style there is for your hover colors. The second one is for the current menu item. Change those colors to fit your needs.

    3. Update your settings.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Jeffrey Whitford

    Thanks so much!

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