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    Good Morning Bill

    Site is under construction so no public url.

    I have copied your photobug content into a new wordpress site to understand the settings needed to get the same function that you have on the demo website

    Looking at the Alcatraz post, when I mouse-over the share icon I am presented with some social media options, Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest
    #1 Is there a way to set up which social media I want to share with – can I add google+
    #2 can I elect not to show the count bubble?
    #3 sometimes the Pinterest logo and count bubble does not show up – usually looking at more than one post from the Photo Shoot page – mouseovering the second (or more) share icon


    Bill Robbins

    Good questions here. The theme using a social sharing script called Sharrre ( to power those buttons. There are quite a few options built into the script.

    The theme loads these in a file called post-meta.php. If you’d like to turn on Google+ you can do that by editing that file. You would need to edit these lines:

     share: {
    		    facebook: true,
    		    twitter: true,
    		    pinterest: true

    so that they include Google plus:

     share: {
    		    facebook: true,
    		    twitter: true,
    		    pinterest: true,
    		    googlePlus: true

    I haven’t tested it, but in theory that should work. According to the documentation at you can turn off the count bubbles.

    I’m pretty sure this script isn’t maintained anymore. The last update was over two years ago so it’s quite possible it doesn’t play as nicely with Pinterest’s share buttons as it should.

    If I can help out, let me know,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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