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    Owen Rasmussen

    you’ll see it in block 5 or so.

    I have something called “leaving cleveland” which is in the services category called “Important Dates”, but the title isn’t showing up. The title was showing up for the dummy content, which was called “Branding”, but now that isn’t showing up either.

    Any thoughts?

    Bill Robbins

    Looks like you found that one. As I’m looking at the site this morning this is what I’m seeing there:

    Information in a Nutshell
    Everything you ever hoped to know!

    Leaving ClevelandOct 1, 2016
    Our journey begins that first day of October when we will travel to Philadelphia, spending the night there before a 10am flight.

    Travel from Phily to Doha, QatarSun, Oct 2 – Mon Oct 3, 2016
    We have a 7 hour lay0ver in Qatar where we hope to do a little exploring.

    Travel from Qatar to Kathmandu, NepalMon, Oct 3, 2016
    This flight is 4 hours and 35 minutes.

    Kathmandu and Trip PrepMon Oct 3 – Tues Oct 4, 2016
    Once in Nepal we have to allow our bodies to be awake and take care of some permits/transportation. If we need to, we’ll spend more time here, but hopefully we’ll be on our way.

    Return flight from Kathmandu to Doha, QatarTue. Nov 1, 2016
    Once again we will have about a 7 hours layover in Qatar, those this time at night. If our tourist visa is still good we’ll probably head in to the city for a bit.

    Flight from Doha to PhilyTue, Nov 2, 2016
    14 hours. We arrive back in the states at 8:45 am. Hopefully we’ll be meeting up with a ride by 10:30 or 11 and on our way back to Cleveland!

    Back Home!Tue, Nov 2, 2016
    Phily to Cleveland by car. We’ll be back on Nov. 2nd around dinner time. We’ll probably be zonked out.

    Let me know if you run into trouble there,

    Owen Rasmussen

    Right, so the title “Important Dates” isn’t showing up. the items i have inside are, but the title is missing.

    Bill Robbins

    I don’t believe the title of the service group (or menu group) is shown. The idea there is you can use the widget title to say what you want in terms of a title.

    Owen Rasmussen

    “This widget will create a block of service groups. Check the box next to any section you’d like to display and then choose the group from the drop-down list. The title and description of each group (if one exists) will also be dislayed.”

    That quote comes from the description of the widget. In addition, I could swear that when that widget was first installed it DID display the title for one of the groups (one of the stock groups called Branding) as soon as I deleted one of the services that was categorized as “Branding” (leaving 2 more in that group) the title stopped displaying in the widget. I can’t make it return.

    The title for the group I made myself has never displayed.

    The phrase “of each group (if one exists)” leads me to think that I am right about this. All I had installed originally was the dummy content that was provided by you.

    If it just doesn’t work like that then I’ll do something else with it.

    Bill Robbins

    Sorry about that. I don’t field questions about Moonrise very much anymore and its ins and outs not as fresh in my mind.

    The group’s title and description is intended to be displayed above the items in that group with the widget. Have you tried saving the widget’s settings again? Occasionally that can make a difference in a widget.

    You could also use the shortcode method of displaying a sponsor list. What you could do is in the main content area of your home page, place the content you’d like to have for your services. To generate the service list, use this shortcode:

    [service group="core"]

    just replacing the core with the slug for your service group. That generates just a list though, not the title and description, but you can place any text you’d like above or after the list. That way you can introduce the list with just about any content.

    Then use the Home Block – Page Content widget to display the content from your home page via a widget in the spot where you want it to go.

    That’s another way you could go about creating the list with the titles.

    Owen Rasmussen

    Sounds good Bill. I’ll make it all work.

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