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    Hello Bill,

    I love the look of the background image at the bottom of the home page with the parallax affect. I just cannot figure out how to change it. The image on the demo content is on your servers ( ).

    How do I create that same look with my own image, and what is a good pixel size for that?


    Bill Robbins

    Good question. The background images for the home page sections are in the theme options page on the home page tab there. If you’ll set the background to be fixed in place it will give that parallax effect for you. Also set the size to cover so that the row is completely filled by the image.

    The size is a bit of a wildcard. It depends on the aspect ratio of the section where the image will be. If it’s a tall row that comes close to being a full screen section, then 2200 pixels wide by 1400 pixels tall will probably work out fine. If it’s shorter you may need to crop the image down just a bit height wise.

    You might also look at using the Finesse theme. It’s really the successor to Elite in a lot of ways. Its page builder makes it possible for you to create pages like the home page on any page, not just the front one.

    Take care,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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