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    Hi Bill,

    Have a happy new year! 😉

    I´m back with a doubts

    I have read about introducing the preferred text on posts, the content and the excerpt, but my question is when I want to publish in the Staff section and want all the text and not the linktext “read more” which send me to a new page.

    Bill Robbins

    Happy New Year Gor,

    Good question. We do limit the amount of text that’s shown in the staff section due to the layout there. There’s only room for a small amount of text without breaking the layout.

    You’re welcome to edit the theme if you’d like to. Here’s how:

    1. Go to the Appearance section in your WordPress control panel and select Edit.
    2. From the list of files on your right, choose archive-staff.php
    3. Find this line:
      <?php the_content_limit(400, "Read More"); ?>

      and replace it with this:

    4. Save your changes.

    That will display the full content of each staff member in the list view. Make sure to keep the entries short — around 400 characters so that they’ll fit like they need to.

    If you have any questions or trouble, let me know.

    Take care,


    thanks bill,

    I prefer the full text descriptions in the same page, I will try to fit them with 400 characters.

    Bill Robbins

    Sounds good Gor. Have a great weekend.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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