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    Renate Bleij

    Dear Bill,

    It looks like the “read more” tag that I would like to add to my pages is not working when looking at my website. Is this theme related? Or wordpress related?

    Thank you for your answer.



    Bill Robbins

    Hello Renate,

    Thank you for your business. Sorry for the trouble there. You can add in a “more” tag to your posts. That will cause the content that’s displayed in the blog archive view to be cut off at that point with a read more link inserted.

    You can see how that looks in the last post on this page in the demo.

    You typically don’t want any spaces between the end of the content and the read more tag. Sometimes if there is a space or return there, it will be ignored.

    There is a button in the editor that will add the tag for you or you can manually add it with this text:


    If you still have trouble let me know. Also it will help if you can send the content of your post over so I can take a look at it. To do that, edit your post. Then click on the text tab that’s in the top right hand corner of the main content area. Then copy all of your content and paste it at and then paste a link to that Gist here. That can help me see if something’s happening in the post itself.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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