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URL to the page in question: http://theskyisnotlimited.org/dev/
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    wendy Butcher

    A few more questions Bill,

    I was wondering if I can place posts into a page. I wasn’t sure. Kinda like a blog but multiple posts and archived ones.

    How do I include social media icons on the footer and possibly the header?

    Also, there is a picture showing up on the home page above the footer. It’s titled “home page-slider”. I can’t seem to find where it is to swap it out. Please advise.

    On the home page, since the video is so long in height, I was wondering if I can somehow place a down arrow or “More” so people know to scroll down to see the rest of the home page.

    I hope you don’t mind me grouping these questions in a single post.


    wendy Butcher

    I figured out the social media icons and where to find the background pic above the footer. Just wanted to let you know. I’m almost there. Thanks so much for your patience.

    Bill Robbins

    Good Morning Wendy,

    Glad you found the social icons and that image in the theme options page. There are a few plugins out there that will let you display posts on a page other than the “posts page” (your full blog archive). I haven’t used either of these, but two that I ran across are Posts for Page (https://wordpress.org/plugins/posts-for-page/) and Posts in Page (https://wordpress.org/plugins/posts-in-page/).

    You can also add post categories directly to your navigation menu; tags too. Those will create an archive of the posts that are either in the category or tag. That’s another handy tool too.

    Hope that helps out,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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