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    Tony Mormino

    Hi Bill all the sudden having two issues:

    1) When trying to order on Iphone (possibly other mobile devices) you can not view the cart page.
    2) When trying to add a Wristlet to the cart it comes back with “Please choose product option” even when the option is already choosen.

    Thanks for your support. As always we appreciate it!

    Bill Robbins


    Here’s the first thing to try in WordPress troubleshooting. Disable all of your plugins except for the page builder, WooCommerce and the jQuery update one. Clean any caches and your browser’s cache. Refresh your page and see what happens then. If things work, try turning on your plugins, one by one testing after each one is activated and see when things go awry.

    Let me know what you turn up,

    Tony Mormino

    Thanks Bill seems to be only happening when clicking on the small shopping cart icon. No problem if the click view cart. Can you tell me how to disable the little shipping cart icon. I looked at instructions and cant find it. Thanks! Tony

    Tony Mormino

    also just noticed my hero image is gone if that tells us anything. I will do the troubleshooting steps as you recommended just wanted you to know.

    Tony Mormino

    disabled the suggested plugins so its all working now. I can take it from here. Thanks for the guidance!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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