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    Dear Bill,

    Still working with foxy and a lot of people give the compliments for the beautiful site. And ofcourse it’s mostly your ‘doing’ …

    I have a question. I had the answer al long time ago but forgot it completly.

    I have made a galery but don’t want to click on the photo’s for more information, just the galery photos is enough. how can i remove the links to click to the next level…..

    Marian van Haaster

    Bill Robbins

    Hi Maria,

    Hope all is well. Great question too. When you go to insert the gallery, there is an option to choose what the gallery links to. The default is the attachment page which opens up the image on a screen that looks like a post. You can choose to use the media file which will cause the image to open up just the image file without the attachment page. If you have the lightbox image viewer enabled in the theme, then the image will open up in it.

    I believe there is also an option to not have a link. You could select it and the visitor will not go anywhere when the click it.

    Hope that helps out. Have a great week.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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