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URL to the page in question: https://redemptionhillerwin.org/sermons/
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    Greg Dietrich

    If you look at our page you can see what we are missing an image or two and the page looks a bit weird.

    I’m using Offload S3 to serve all of my media from Amazon S3. When I set the series image it shows correctly here, http://d.pr/i/1Ijw, however, it doesn’t show on the main sermon page. Instead, you get this: http://d.pr/i/1lNuP.

    Any idea how we can fix this?

    Bill Robbins


    Great question there. You’re welcome to use a CDN to serve your image files. I do that with the site’s demo to keep things snappy. The series image file does have to be included in the WordPress media library in order to be displayed on the front end of the site. The image is loaded by the WordPress image ID and not the direct URL to the image.

    It looks like the other images in the series page are loading properly from Amazon. Does the plugin have a way to add the image first to WordPress and then have it moved to S3? If it does, then I think that workflow would likely get the image to your CDN and also give it an ID so the theme can use it that way too.

    Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick,

    Bill Robbins

    With the plugin turned off, what happens if you upload and assign a series image?

    Bill Robbins

    That’s good to know that it works with the plugin disabled. You’re welcome to use S3 or another CDN to serve your images. The catch is they have to remain in your media library. The series images are loaded via the ID that WordPress assigns the images and not the URL. So if the plugin removes the file from your local server, the series images won’t work. It’ll have to keep the image files on your server and also on S3.

    Does the plugin you’re using have an option to copy the files to S3 and keep them on your server?

    Bill Robbins

    You can still keep your messages on S3 (or DropBox or Google Drive) and serve them from there. They don’t have to be in your media library at all. Just upload them directly to the service you’re using and place the public URL to that file (not a page with the file, but the direct link to the file) in the field for it in the podcast.

    You could also copy over the images to S3 and serve them from there to get the speed benefit of their CDN. Switching to AWS’s CloudFront product will make that aspect even faster. You can serve the images from multiple sub-domains which will allow the images to be loaded more quickly by your visitors. The images for the series images do have to stay put though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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