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    wendy Butcher

    Sorry to bother you again,couple more questions. Is this theme able to allow creations of photo galleries? I was thinking of having 4 images side by side on a horizontal line. Also, How on the menu page, do you get it to look like the sample with a picture on one side and a section of the menu on the other? Mine only goes across in between sections horizontally and not vertically.
    Thank you so much!! I do love your theme.

    Bill Robbins

    No worries about the questions.

    You can insert image galleries. Either when you’re using the default WordPress page editor or a visual editor widget, click on the add media button. Look on the left and you’ll see an option to create a gallery. Click on it and follow the prompts. It’ll give you options to choose how many columns there will be. Also if you’ll set the thumbnails to link to the “file” instead of the attachment, the full images will load in a lightbox when clicked.

    For the menu widgets that are used on the front page of the demo, if you’ll look in the theme instructions down in the page builder section where it starts “other rows” it’ll tell you how to make those. The image is just an empty text widget with a background image set to it. The menu widget is just a menu widget and the row uses the equal height widgets option so that the text widget (and its background image) are the same size as the menu widget next to it.

    Hope that helps out. Let me know if you run into questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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