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    Avatar photoScott Hunter

    Let me preface this by saying that I have invested a TON of time and effort (and bought the Lifetime Organized Themes package) in getting Finesse rolling – and am hopeful we can get it BACK very soon.

    The Finesse theme (V1.3.0) is causing some really bad things to happen with WooCommerce (as I’ve detailed below) that have forced me to switch back to my old theme (Elite) until this is rectified / pending support.  All other things being equal, Elite doesn’t cause these issues… 2017 doesn’t… Finesse DOES.  The problem is in the theme.

    I hope there is an easy fix here…

    1)  Have to Force page to full width / no sidebar despite my default page layout selection (no sidebar) in theme options.  I mention this because of some of the behaviors the site is showing as below in case it may point to a symptom

    2)  SCENARIO 1

    – Go to Shop … everything displays as it should – four columns of product – centered on page.

    – Click on any given Product… a little “blink” happens in the screen (everything disappears for a sec then comes back while the next page loads)… and the Product Opens.

    – In the Product, the HERO image from the “SHOP” page is now loaded on the product instead of the one designated for the product.  hmmm…

    – Product Displays Correctly otherwise – Full width, No Sidebar… BUT THERE ARE TWO EXCEPTIONS:

    FIRST – the thumbnails under the main product image are opened in a page of their own when clicked instead of lightbox / main image swap.  Bad.  Going to address this later in (SCENARIO 2 – Below).  For now, focus on the Second and worse exception:

    SECOND (worse) – the tabs at the bottom aren’t functioning / displaying correctly.  ALL information from ALL tabs (active and inactive) is displayed – and Tabs act like html link to another section on same page buttons when clicked.  But when you do, the URL changes instead of remaining static:



    – Select a variation and add to cart… the “Blink” happens again… then we wait for a bit… then the “Beast Sling has been added to your cart” message appears… HOWEVER… instead of the product page displaying below this bar (normal) I have the Shop page displaying again?!?  NOTE:  URL is still showing as

    – Click on the Cart Icon in the upper right to confirm it added… and the pack does not appear in the pop out window (cart is empty here).  But, if you click “View Cart” and go to the Cart Page… it’s there.

    BACK TO THE PRODUCT PAGE… (by clicking back button)… returning to the …/#tab-reviews url

    The Product Page is now back (no more catalog view on the product page) … BUT, the page now only fills half of the screen as if it is being forced over to accommodate a sidebar.  (Remember earlier when I said I had this set as “no sidebar” in theme options?  And though the product page is set as Full width/no sidebar… this is happening).

    Also – an embedded VIMEO video is just stuck in loading mode now… was working fine before???

    BUT – Tabs are now working correctly at bottom and displaying only content from the active tab.

    NOW – try to add another variant of the product to the cart… works PERFECTLY… just undersized.  The blink happens… then the VIMEO video loads as it should… cart button in corner has the item I added…  Everything works, but is smashed into the left side of the screen.


    Then, I manually change the URL in the address bar from to

    Loads perfectly (but as above – smashed left)… and functions correctly.

    BACK TO “SHOP” by clicking it in the menu bar at top…  Displays properly

    BUT IF YOU NAVIGATE BACK TO “SHOP” by using the back buttons in the browser… you see the PRODUCT PAGE AGAIN (smashed left)????  Confirmed – URL in the top is


    Click “Shop” again and return to the catalog – click to open a product – see the blink – enter product with the main shop Hero showing … full width … bad tabs at bottom … etc.  Add one to cart doesn’t work again.

    This time, let’s click one of the thumbnails.  Opens it on it’s own in the browser (URL:  Click back button in browser.  Nothing happens on the page – image still shown… BUT, the URL at the top returns to the Product Page??? (

    Have to hit Refresh to load the product again… but, as before, now is displayed on the left part of the screen with empty space on the right.  THIS TIME HOWEVER, when you add a product to Cart it DOES NOT appear in the cart display in upper right.



    Bottom line – there are issues here.  We need help.  Please advise.  Our businesses depend on a working system and timely support when things break.  Bill gave us that.  I hope that you will be able to deliver the same… otherwise, I am going to want my money back.




    Avatar photoScott Hunter

    FYI – Roll Back to 1.2.4 – None of the conflicts are present.

    Bill Robbins

    Hey Scott,

    In the customizer, go to the advanced section and choose the Advanced section. Once there, click on Other Options. Where it says “Page Transitions” disable that and save your changes. Hearing what you’re saying above, it sounds like that is the source of the trouble here. Sorry for the time invested and frustration that you ran into there.


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