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    Ben Coleman

    There’s a page format type called “gallery” in the Progress theme. When I selected it and put a group of photos on the page it blows them up, REALLY huge. How is the gallery page supposed to be used?

    Bill Robbins

    The idea behind this post format is to let you create a slideshow at the top of the page. We would have called it slideshow, but WordPress doesn’t allow post format names to be changes so we stuck with Gallery as it’s the closest thing. You can see an example of it at

    You can still use the thumbnail gallery that’s part of WordPress if you’d rather. To use that, don’t select the gallery post format, but go about it as you normally would. There is a quick screencast about those in our video section.

    We recently came up with an easier implementation of this while working on an update to the Bottega theme. It’s available for download now. It sets the slideshow to automatically use all images uploaded on that page/post.

    afrim karoshi

    I just finished a post on my blog category. When I open the link, there is a picture of another post that shows up in front of the post.
    You can see the post on this link:

    Bill Robbins

    The gallery post format will add a slideshow to the top of that page/post (like this page in the demo

    The original version of this had a small selector on the add image lightbox that let you choose which images were included. I’ve since updated the theme to automatically include all images on that page/post. The original version had a bug that pulled images site wide that were selected and not just on that page/post.

    If you’d like to use a thumbnail image gallery (like you are on that page), you don’t have to select the gallery post format. Just add a WordPress gallery like you normally would.

    WordPress dictates the names of the post formats. If I were given a choice, I’d use slideshow instead of gallery, but it is the closest I have available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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