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    glen hearnden

    Sorry if a repeat question, but could not see an answer in forum history.

    Gallery images that when clicked open up in lightbox format – is it possible to have some text showing anywhere in the opened lightbox window?

    I can edit each image details to include info in all fields, caption, description, etc., but although the caption appears when in the gallery format, when opening into a lightbox window, can’t get any of the text fields to appear in the frame or below or anywhere…?

    Ideally would get the description text field to display…

    Make any sense? Is it possible in the Elite lightbox?



    glen hearnden

    Also and add on question…

    Can the gallery display have a filter applied, to display the images by say ‘category’.

    The gallery is displaying artwork and would be good to be able to filter the display in some way, if categories set for each artwork type, using that filter.

    Or is this a third party plugin, something to cover the text inclusion and filter options perhaps…

    glen hearnden

    Retracting the last query, as realized categories only given to images via another plugin. Looking like I may need a more comprehensive gallery/lightbox plugin. Any suggestions?

    Bill Robbins

    Hey Paul,

    You can add in captions. The lightbox script makes uses of a title tag in the link if it’s been added. By default WordPress does not include titles on the links in galleries. You can find a quick function at that you’d want to place in the theme’s functions.php file to add in titles to the gallery links. That will cause the ligthbox to display captions for you.

    I’m afraid I don’t have a recommendation on gallery plugins other than stay away from NextGen Gallery. It was created a very long time ago and carries lots of really bad legacy code.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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