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    mark kosmicki

    hello again sir, so the font I would like to use is this one We have paid for commercial use, and currently have it downloaded on our main computer. How can I use this on my page? Thanks in adavance! Mark

    Bill Robbins

    Hey Mark,

    That should work just fine. The commercial license there allows embedding on a website so you’re good to go.

    With a font like this, there are two options for how to get it onto your site. There is a plugin called Use Any Font ( that will let you upload the font and add it to your site. You have to sign up with the developer in order to upload the font, but the service is free for the first font so if that’s all you need then you’re good to go.

    The plugin will handle adding the font to your site and converting it for you. We’ll likely still have to add a bit of CSS to apply it to the right spots on the front end of your site. If you go this route, send over the URL to your site when you’re ready and let me know which elements you want to use the new font for and I’ll send back what you need to apply it.

    A second option is to use this service to convert your font into the various formats that are used. Then you’d want to create a child theme to house the font and it’s styling. If you decide to go that route, let me know and I can help you there.

    Let me know if you need help with either option there.

    Have a great weekend,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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