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    Adrian Gab

    Hi Guys,

    A customer of mine whom I am currently implementing the Responsive Visual theme at their request has sent me an email detailing issues they are having with the slide show on the theme home page.

    See below for what they wrote to me:

    There have been some noticeable differences in and problems with timing of the photo slide show on the home page and my husband agrees that he has encountered this previously too when looking at the site. ie. Some times when I open the site the first photo (which appears mostly to be set at the one showing the couple) takes some time (a long time) to change – sometimes 17 secs, 30secs or more and occasionally it wont change at all unless I hit the arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

    Then – sometimes the photos start rolling by automatically and sometimes a 5 second rule seems to apply between each photo. On other occasions, the photos stop moving completely or after being stopped for many seconds (eg. over 30secs), suddenly start moving again.

    Very occasionally the first photo shown is not the one that is normally the first shown.

    If you left click on the mouse while on a screen when the images are not moving buy you are taken back to the first photo and then have to arrow through again if photos stop moving which they seem to do inconsistently.

    In short, there is inconsistency in which image appears first and how long it is displayed and/or if will change at all and when to other images and then when they change.

    My customer is using the current version of Chrome browser.

    I see that the Flex Slider JS file is version 2.00 and at the moment the latest version is 2.2.2. Are there fixes or anything that might help in the newer version, if applicable to this theme?

    Below are the current options for the slide shows that is currently set under Theme Options > Home Page:

    Automatically play slideshow = Yes
    Previos / next buttons = Yes
    Animation Type = Slide
    Slide Duration = 5000
    Animation Duration = 750

    And lastly, my customer currently has 13 photos in the slide show. Let me know if this is an issue or could cause issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Bill Robbins


    Thank you for your business. Sorry for the trouble there with the slider. Would it be possible for you to post a link to the site so I can take a closer look for you? That doesn’t sound like the typical behavior of the slider. You can mark the reply as private so that no one can see it if you’d like to. That will help me, help you guys out greatly.


    Bill Robbins

    Thanks Adrian,

    I took a look through the slider and tried to give it some stress test and I couldn’t replicate the troubles that they are reporting either. Do you know which browser/version they’ve had issues with? That might also help us track it down.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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