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    Avatar photoTim Grant

    Hi there,

    I am liking the new theme, I have some more questions for you.

    1) Can you explain how to change the footers to be filled with social media icons?
    2) Can you please explain the process to get the sermon series on the front page like you did. Also, I like the way that it has the black hover image with the white text, can you explain that process as well?

    Kind regards,

    Avatar photoBill Robbins

    Good Morning Tim,

    Let’s tackle these for you:

    Social Icons — these are made with a navigation menu. If you’ll look in the navigation and social icons section on https://support.organizedthemes.com/pneuma/ it’ll show you how to create a menu for them and add it to the footer.

    Sermon Series — First you’ll want to create your sermon series. Go to podcasting in your WordPress dashboard and click on Series. This screen will list all of your existing series as well as allow you to create new ones.

    You’ll want to give each series a title. It’s also best to give each one a description too. You’ll notice when creating or editing a series there is an upload field for a series graphic. You’ll also want to make sure to add a graphic for each series.

    On the home page of the demo, we use the page builder layout. In it there are three rows. The first row has the “Recent Series” widget in it. This widget will display the graphics from the number of series you choose. When you hover over one of the series on the from end of the site, a black box will appear that has the name of the series in white text on top of it.

    The second row on the home page has a contact widget in it. The last row features a visual editor widget. That last row also has a background image applied to the row itself.

    I believe we’re on opposite sides of the planet which can make timing of posts a bit odd. Hopefully that help out if you get it this evening or in the morning. As you have other questions, let me know.

    Take care,

    Avatar photoTim Grant

    Thanks again, that is very helpful.

    I think I am down to my last two questions

    1) I not sure how to set up a page template for my post categories. For exampl, when I click on my page menu>missions, how do I set up a template so that I can have a widget on the side. Is that possible, because it’s not a ‘page’ us such, it is just listing all the posts int he category of ‘missions.’
    2) Can I put some Metadata in the footer, namely, a link for people to login to wp-admin as well as another people management software that is running on the server.

    Thanks again.

    Avatar photoTim Grant

    Also, what is the recommened size for the podcast and staff images?

    Avatar photoBill Robbins

    Hi Tim,

    Let’s how we do on these questions:

    Post Category Layout

    If you’re looking to have a post category archive, that is something that exists on its own, outside of WordPress’ pages. What you’ll do is add the category directly to your navigation menu. That’ll create a “page” for all the posts in that category.

    You can have a sidebar in it. Archives like category archives will take the default layout that’s set in the customizer. It’ll be in the Styling section under main content. Choose one of the sidebar options there.

    Then you can add widgets to the default sidebar and they’ll be visible on that archive.

    Footer Links

    Also in the customizer, go to Styling and choose footer. There will be fields there for text in the left and right hand sides of the footer. These take HTML, so you can include any links in this format:

    (See support site for code).

    The http://yourlink.com is the URL you’d like to link to and link text is what you’re visitors will see.

    Image Sizes

    Any suggested image sizes will be listed in the top of the sidebar on the theme instructions page: https://support.organizedthemes.com/pneuma/

    Take care,

    Avatar photoTim Grant

    Thanks so much,

    I think that will keep me going for the moment. Great support 😀

    Avatar photoBill Robbins

    Happy to help out 🙂

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