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    Bill, I tried two configuration features offered in the theme and could not get them to work:

    Anything I did in TYPOGRAPHY was ignored. I searched the forum and saw where you stated that there is a problem with it and to use the FONTIFIC plugin. I did that and it is working. Do you plan to fix the typography feature or just wait until the next release of the theme, or have us use the plugin form now on?

    Next I tried to use css style override in the STYLES panel to make the leading paragraph of a page or post larger (similar to a magazine layout, or like you will see on the sojourn church website (sojournchurch.com/) using code that I saw on that site, for example:

    p:first-child { font-size:18px; line-height:22px; color:#484848; }

    This code worked on another theme I explored but didn’t work in the css overrides area on Authentic. I tried some other code samples but I couldn’t get anything to take. Thoughts?

    Thanks much.

    Bill Robbins

    First up, thank you for your business and sorry for any trouble you have had. For the CSS, the :first-child for the main content areas would actually be the page title so if you apply it to p:first-child, there won’t be any effect. You’ll need to use something like this:

    .content p:first-of-type { font-size:18px; line-height:22px; color:#484848; }

    That will change the first paragraph of the default page layouts (it’ll ignore widgets and title on inside pages). You can learn more about the :first-of-type selector here.

    When I was creating Authentic, I wanted to change theme option pages to something a bit more feature rich. I ended up settling on this one in large part due to the typography options available. While the built-in typography manager worked, after two months of more wide-spread usage, I discovered that it caused problems on some server configurations. Around the same time, I discovered the Fontific plugin which did everything the typography manager did, so I pulled the typography out in favor of the plugin.

    After that we dug deeper into theme options and ended up deciding to go with the Options Framework and have incorporated it into Foxy, Progress, and Foundation. I have updates to Authentic and Bottega that are almost complete that switch to this Framework as well for the options page.

    If you run into any trouble, or have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

    Enjoy your week.


    Thanks for your response and your suggestion Bill. I tried it in the css override area and it did not result in the expected change. I sent an attachment screen shot to your email so you could see what I did. Thanks.


    Bill I just tried your suggestion in FONTIFIC rather than in the css overrides and it worked, which is good news. Thanks. But I still don’t know why the css overrides are not being detected. I am fairly certain I might be using that part of the options at some point.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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