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    I am installing Finesse and setting up a client site. Using Hero slides for a number of slides but did not see any way to control on screen time between fades and next slide. Right now it’s flashing through the slides and repeat. How do I slow this down.

    Also, a Recommended upgrade would be pan and zoom added to the slide show 🙂 That would be sweet.


    Bill Robbins

    Hi Rick,

    When you’re editing a page with a hero area in it, down below the slides but still in the hero area box you’ll see an advanced section. That’s where you can control this particular slider. You can set the duration of the slides as well as the transition time there.

    It might be possible to add some effects to the background images in the slides via CSS if you’d like to try.

    Hope that helps out,

    Bill Robbins

    The slideshow images are a bit different when they are full screen vs. just a portion of the screen as in some of our other themes. Full screen images will have to crop the image some as the screen size and the aspect ratio of the screen changes from that of the hero image. The full image will rarely be shown in a full screen situation. As a result you won’t want to place things like text in the image itself, because that will look particularly odd if it is cropped.

    Generally you’ll want to keep the main focus close to the center of the image both vertically and horizontally. That will keep it from being cropped. When you choose an image for the hero, pick one that has some buffer between the focus and the edges so that when it’s cropped you won’t lose anything vital.

    You may have noticed that there is a separate uploader for a mobile background image. That will be used when screens are smaller. That way you can have one image for larger displays and another, separate image from when things are smaller. That can help out when you have an image that isn’t resizing nicely on smaller screens.

    Take care,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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