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    shan cieslik

    Hi, I am having an issue with two things. The first is Raves. I can not figure out how to use Raves at all. I can not find a tutorial on it either. Can you lead in the right direction on how to use it? The second issue I am having is that my comments section is not working. Before I get into the problem first let me say I have checked the box for allow comments on discussion settings. Also in the quickedit menu of my page I have checked the box for allow comments on the individual page. When I am in a page, I am not given the box for allow comments, and by this I mean the last thing on the webpage is my dialog box for editing text, and that is all. Thanks for you help.

    Bill Robbins


    Thank you for your business first of all. Let me see if I can help you out:

    Here’s how these work. To create a new rave, click on Raves in the left hand column of your WordPress control panel. Essentially this is like adding a post. The “title” is the name of the customer leaving the testimonial. The content area is where you’ll enter what they had to say.

    The featured image is the picture of the person that left the rave. These will be sized to 125 by 125 pixels square, so for best results, crop your images to they are at least this size and also square.

    Once you have that entered, click publish to create your rave.

    Now to create the listing, go to pages and either create a new page or select the page you’d like to use to display your raves. If you’ll look in the right hand column, you’ll see a box labeled “page attributes” which has a drop-down menu in it labeled “template.” In this drop down, select “Raves List” as the template. Then publish or update your page and now it will feature your client raves list.

    Generally we only have comments in the “posts” or blog section of our themes since generally that’s where people are engaging in discussion.

    But you can easily add it to pages as well. Here’s how to do that:

    1. Go to the appearance section and select edit to open up the theme editor.
    2. From the list of files on your right, choose page.php and look for this spot:
      <?php the_content(__('Read more', 'organizedthemes'));?>
    3. Create a new line below that and paste this into it:
    4. Save your changes.

    That will add the option to have comments on your pages too.

    If you run into any other questions, please let me know.

    Have a great week,
    Bill Robbins

    shan cieslik

    Hey thank you so much. I appreciate you adding the code for me to copy as I am not very good creating it from scratch. Also, I am glad you clarified the Raves because I was under the impression a person could add their own rave like a comment section but they log in and add their own picture. Just to be super clear, the Raves section is used like the back book cover where the book has preprinted quotes saying how awesome the book is. Is that a good analogy?

    Do you mind handling one minor question real quick while I have you? Since you can’t respond to that question in real time, I am going to assume you do want to answer it until you tell me otherwise. The question is my header on the home page is bold whereas when I click on services, about me etc. The font goes back to normal width. (Now that I mention that width word I feel there is somewhere in the html editor a setting I am missing). What do I need to do make my home page header the same non bold as the rest of the pages? Thanks in advance.

    Bill Robbins


    Always glad to help.

    Your analogy about the raves couldn’t be better. It is possible to create a form using Gravity Forms that will allow visitors to your site to create a rave that you can then publish. You can even include a uploader so they can upload their picture to include with the Rave. That’s one option for you to consider.

    You’re right, your logo should stay the same weight between the front page and the inside pages. Let’s do this to even that out:

    1. Go to the theme options page and choose the styling tab.
    2. Scroll down to the very bottom until you see a box labeled “Custom CSS” and paste this into that box:
      #text-logo h1, 
      #text-logo p {
      	font-weight: normal;
      	font-style: normal;
    3. Update your settings.

    That should even things out for you.

    If you run into any other questions or trouble, just let me know.


    shan cieslik

    Thanks everything worked with it.

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