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    Tony Mormino

    Any reason why these particular photos are blurry? This is from window but even blurrier on apple devices.

    Thanks, Tony

    Bill Robbins

    Hi Tony,

    Most likely the source images are too small. I took a look at the gift card image in particular since you could see a good bit of pixelation in the red there. The actual image file is 259 pixels wide by 194 pixels tall. On large displays it will show up somewhere around 330 pixels wide by 230 pixels tall. That means the image will be stretched quite a bit resulting in pixelation and blurriness.

    For the clutch next to it, the size appears to be set to be 300 by 200. It’s a bit odd, but the catalog image size in WooCommerce is really determined by the number of columns instead of the set size of the image. I would suggest changing the image size to 600 by 400. Then install and run the regenerate thumbnails plugin. It adds a new screen in the tools menu to apply the new image sizes.

    Ultimately this won’t make the images any larger display wise by it should make them crisper especially on high resolution displays.

    Take care,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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