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    Hi Bill,

    My blog posts are showing up with oldest first. It should show as most recent first, how can I resolve this in Photobug please?

    Also relating to the same page (my blog is on my home page), how can I move this so I have a separate blog page? I have tried several times but everything I’ve tried means the blog page is still always blank.

    Thanks for your help.


    Bill Robbins


    That is most unusual. If I visit a category or tag archive like on your site, they display in the correct order (newest first).

    Something is overriding the default post order. Any chance you could email a login to so I could take a look for you?

    You can move your blog to a different page. First you’ll need to go to the “Pages” section in your WordPress control panel. You’ll need to create two pages, one for your home page and one for your blog. Publish both pages.

    Then go to the Settings section of your WordPress control panel and select Reading. At the top you have an option to choose what the front page displays. Select a static page and then choose the home page you just made from the drop down menu there. Next choose the blog page you just created for your “posts” page. Update your settings.

    That should give you a page for your blog and a new home page. You’ll need to add in content to your home page, but the blog page will pull in your posts.

    If your posts are still listing in reverse order, send me a login and I’ll be glad to take a look for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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