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    David Hildering

    Hi Bill, hope your doing well. I came across a bug which is hard to fix for me due to lacking PHP skills. Hope you can help me out.

    I noticed the bug after I added a plugin called WPdiscuz, which is no more then a comment-skin. After I post a message on the website and reload the page, the background turns all black. Looks like it doesn’t load the template after the message has been post. The weird thing is, the issue only applies to the template ‘page’, and not to, for instance, to the template ‘event’.

    I looked in comments.php, but I can’t figure it out. Can you assist me in this one? Hope you still have my credentials,

    thanks in advance!

    Regards, David

    David Hildering

    sorry, forgot the URL 🙂 the issue happens on:


    Bill Robbins

    Hi David,

    I just took a look. It appears that the page generation crashes after the call to the content page template. The background images are loaded at the bottom of the page’s source code which is what’s giving that a black background.

    The single post and page template files are nearly identical. The only difference between the two is a conditional check in the page one. It’s there to determine if any content is in the page and if it’s empty then the content panel doesn’t load. That way someone can have a page with just a sidebar by simply not entering any content into the content box.

    What you might try is replacing the content in the page.php file with the code from the single.php file. That’ll make the files identical between a page and a post and hopefully keep the comments working for you. If you run into trouble, let me know.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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