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    thadeus krehbiel

    So thank you very much for your timely response in the questions and problems I have had, I really appreciate it!

    Question 1,
    Is there any way to make the logo touch the menu bar I just created (the code you gave me worked perfectly by the way)?

    Question 2,
    Where do I change the color of the text on the menu bar at?

    Question 3,
    Where do I change the info in the footer?

    Remark 1,
    I love this theme now that I have played around with it enough to understand it fully.

    Remark 2,
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Bill Robbins

    Hi Thadeus,

    Let’s see if we can track down some answers for these questions for you.

    1 — You can move the logo up so it touches the navigation bar. In the Custom CSS, find this style:

    #logo {
            margin-top: 50px;

    and change it to be like this:

    #logo {
            margin-top: 39px;

    and see if that won’t make it even. You can lower the top margin to move it closer to the top if you need to.

    2 — You can change the navigation menu colors. Go to the customizer and select the styling section. Then choose the navigation spot there. Look for the navigation text color and you can set the default color there.

    That color can be overridden on any page with a hero so make sure there are no color set there or you won’t see the default.

    3 — Footer text. You can change the content in the footer section of the customizer. If you’d like to have social icons in the footer, create a menu in the navigation menu part of the admin. Use the custom link option to add links to the social network sites you’d like to use. Then publish the menu and assign it to the social networks sections.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme. I think it’ll be a better fit for you than Kerygma for this site in the end.

    Have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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